NTI Humanistic Buddhism Projects

NTI Ethos

NTI Ethos is an ongoing research project focusing on the integration of Humanistic Buddhism, reflective methods, and pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) used in Higher Education Institutions. Nan Tien Institute (NTI) sits across the interface of the Buddhist belief system and the Australian Higher Education system, with the latter being the authority that enables the Institute’s existence. While contemplative education is a cornerstone of Nan Tien Institute’s strategy to achieve its goals, it is augmented with the cultivation of Buddhist virtues and the development of a Buddhist Pedagogy. The project explores the pathways to integrate Buddhist ethics into the Institute’s day-to-day life and operations and particularly the classroom. The research identifies the impact of the teaching program on the student’s perception and adoption of the NTI Ethos. The investigating process includes analysis of plenary sessions, students’ discussion, student assignments, student and staff learning journals, and stories told by the students about their experiences in taking the subject. The goal of the research is to develop, document, and disseminate a Humanistic Buddhism pedagogy that adds new insights to existing knowledge and practices.