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Special Religious Education (SRE)

Hsing Yun Education Foundation endeavours to support Buddhist education in honour of the Venerable Master’s passion for Education.

In doing so, HYEF wholeheartedly endorses the Buddhist SRE program. The program’s syllabus provides valuable life lessons on Buddhist values; a crucial subject for children to learn.

HYEF partners with the Buddhist Council of NSW and Nan Tien Temple to support the Special Religious Education (SRE) Program in various aspects, including SRE Teacher Training.

A Professional Learning Program (PLP) for SRE volunteer teachers has been developed with Western Sydney University. The program focuses on a comprehensive accredited curriculum, lesson plans, and resources, in order to provide quality training and professional development for SRE teachers supplied by Nan Tien Temple and its branch temples. HYEF believes the program is extremely beneficial, as it not only better equips the SRE teachers, but also strengthens the program by ensuring an improved learning environment for the students.

The SRE program receives no external funding to finance its operation, hence we seek your support to allow us to continue to support the program.

The Buddhist Council of NSW (BCNSW) seek support in a range of areas. HYEF is therefore stepping in to provide funding to:

including selecting and training teachers, matching them with schools, and reporting to the Department of Education.

This will lead to high quality teaching as teachers become more skilled and resourced.

This includes the development of a Buddhist SRE pamphlet, the purchasing of name badge holders and lanyards, and funding to support teachers in covering out of pocket costs.

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