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Prescription for the Heart

Between Ignorance and Enlightenment II  |  迷悟之間 2


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A mind of ignorance can transform happiness into suffering, while a mind of enlightenment can transform suffering into happiness. 

Prescription for the Heart is an inspiring collection of articles by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Through his personal reflections in this collection of articles, ranging from good health and longevity, the four seasons, advertising, gossip, and extramarital affairs, Venerable Master Hsing Yun draws from Buddhist wisdom and a lifetime of experience to offers us hope and practical advice to address our universal problems of living in a contemporary world. In the introduction, he writes: ‘The sourness of pineapples and grapes can be turned into sweetness with sunshine and warm breezes. Therefore, by being able to reflect and contemplate on the sourness of our ignorance, we can taste the sweetness of enlightenment right here and now.’ This book will provide food for thought on your journey to cultivate a mind of enlightenment and transform your suffering into happiness.

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