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Footprints in the Ganges

The Buddha’s Stories on Cultivation and Compassion


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The Buddha was a great religious leader who lived a truly extraordinary life. For forty-nine years he travelled throughout India teaching the truth to all kinds of people from all levels of society. His life has touched countless others, and his teachings have endured for over twenty-five hundred years and reached across the globe. 

Footprints in the Ganges is a collection of 108 stories from the life of the Buddha that can guide and inspire us. Adapted form the vast collection of Buddhist literature, Footprints in the Ganges contains the Buddha’s teachings on the importance of kindness, the inner workings of karma, the correct approach to spiritual practice, how to live best in a community, and many other topics. 

Venerable Master Hsing Yun is the 48th patriarch of the Linji School of Chan Buddhism, and the leader of the Humanistic Buddhism movement that seeks to integrate Buddhism into people’s everyday lives. He is the founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order and the Buddha’s Light International Association, as well as the author of many works such as Being Good and Infinite Compassion, Endless Wisdom.

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