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Footprints in the Dust – By Bhante Dhammika

The Life of the Buddha from the Most Ancient Sources

By Bhante Dhammika

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There are hundreds of biographies of the Buddha dating from about the 1st century BCE to the present, but almost without exception they conflate the merger facts from the earliest scriptures with legends that developed sometimes centuries after the Buddha’s passing. The present book takes a different approach, drawing only on the information about the Buddha as preserved in the Pali Canon, the oldest Buddhist documents and where relevant, supplementing it with early Sanskrit sources. The author starts by giving a vivid and lively account of the world the Buddha knew. He then assembles hundreds of vignettes and brief asides referring to the Buddha which together tell us about his physical appearance, his travels, his teaching style, how he related to his disciples and his critics, and most importantly, about his extraordinary kindness. The result is realistic and compelling portrait of a real human being. Comprehensive and meticulously referenced, this book will be essential reading for anyone wanting to know about the founder of one of the world’s great religions.

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