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FaXiang 法相

A Buddhist Practitioner’s Encyclopedia by Venerable Tzu Chuang


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The vast array of Buddhist sutras contain complex doctrines expressed in an arcane terminology.
For this reason, the compilation of a simple and clear dictionary for Buddhist studies has become a matter of utmost urgency.

                                                                                     – Venerable Tzu Chuang

The Buddha’s teachings have a unique and sometimes challenging language all their own, constructed from the many cultures and generations of practitioners they have touched. To help readers navigate this vast lexicon, Venerable Tzu Chuang compiled FaXiang, an encyclopedia of Buddhist terms both extensive and accessible.

Now available in English, FaXiang is replete with detailed entries explaining Buddhist etymology and history, as well as details of practice and religious significance. With each English article indexed and annotated in both English and Chinese, FaXiang is a valuable reference for those who wish to earn more about Buddhism, as well as for English readers beginning to delve into reading Chinese Buddhist writing.

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