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Entry Into The Profound

A First Step to Understanding Buddhism


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It has been 27 years since the grand opening of Nan Tien Temple in 1995 – the paradise in the Southern Hemisphere; a monastery founded by Grand Master Hsing Yun to promote Humanistic Buddhism. Recollecting the past, there has been an increase number of people expressing great interest in learning Buddhism, through their visits or involvement in the temple’s activities.

Many have been enquiring about the essence of Buddhism, as well as the architectural features of a Chinese Buddhist Temple. High Schools and university students studying religion have also been visiting Nan Tien Temple to research their varied religious assignments. 

To meet the needs of the faithful and to help students in gaining a clearer understanding of Buddhism, the Sydney Branch of Fo Guang Shan International Translation Centre has decided to publish this bilingual book  (English & Chinese) on basic Buddhism to answer frequently-asked questions.

Topics include:
1. General Introduction
2. Architecture & Art
3. Buddhist Statues
4. Symbolism
5. Buddhist Beliefs
6. Monastics

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