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Cloud and Water

An Interpretation of Chan Poems 星雲說偈


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This book has a collection of Chan poems; Cloud and Water. What do we mean by cloud and water? Clouds float by, water flows on. In movement there is no grasping, in Chan there is no settling. The cloud and water life is a life of living in the moment, always fresh and ready to experience. These poems have been grouped together because of the tone and feeling that they share. Many of these poems were set down by celebrated masters, while for others their authors remain unknown. 

Venerable Master Hsing Yun has given a brief commentary on each of these verses, giving us the benefit of his many years of deep practice and insight. The commentaries contain many stories and even new verses of their own which shed light on the meaning of the poems. The poems and the commentaries offer a glimpse of Chinese culture and in particular how Buddhism came to be expressed through the many aspects of Chinese society throughout the ages. With his down to earth comments, Venerable Master Hsing Yun has been able to show the relevance of these poems to everyday life, and the universality of Shan.

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