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Buddha-Dharma Pure & Simple Vol. 5

A 21st Century Guide to Buddhist Teachings


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In today’s Buddhist sphere, numerous claims have been made on what the Buddha has taught. However, were these teachings truly spoken by the Buddha? The Buddha-Dharma: Pure and Simple series is an exploration of over 300 topics, where Venerable Master Hsing Yun clarifies the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern readers. Erroneous Buddhist views should be corrected, the true meaning of the Dharma must be preserved in order to hold true to the original intents of the Buddha.

As Buddhism passed down from one generation to the next, many aspects were altered due to cultural differences while new practices were added. The original spirit of the Buddha’s teaching was lost, forgotten in the maze of time. Venerable Master’s critiques and insights brush away to cobwebs that clung to these so-called traditions to reveal the original intent of the Buddha, and how we can better integrate the Buddha-Dharma into today’s culture, society, and world.

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