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Bodhi Light Tales 星云说喻

中英对照版 | 英文朗读:妙光法师

English Narration: Venerable Miao Guang


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Available in both English & Chinese
, this enchanting 6-volume set invites readers to explore the profound teachings of the Buddha and the principles of Humanistic Buddhism. Within its pages, you will discover 120 carefully selected stories centered around the Six Paramitas, also known as the Six Perfections: Generosity, Precept, Patience, Diligence, Meditative Concentration and Wisdom. Each tale is accompanied by words of wisdom, offering profound insights that encourage reflection upon the moral lessons conveyed. These stories provide a mirror through which we can examine our own lives and contemplate how these timeless teachings can be applied to our daily existence. 

This first volume is a treasury of 20 short stories on Generosity designed to captivate readers of all ages. It also includes vocabulary lists to assist bilingual readers in fully understanding the essence of each tale.

星云大师著《星云说喻 中英对照版一共 6 册,让读者透过阅读生动有趣的故事,探索并领悟佛陀深奥的教法和人间佛教理念。这套书精选的 120 篇故事,围绕着佛教的「六度波罗蜜开展,也将是菩萨道的六度精神:布施、持戒、忍辱、精进、禅定和般若。每篇故事以一则智慧法语作为总结,引导读者省思个中寓意。这些故事如同一面明镜,带着我们检视生活,思维如何将那永恒不朽的佛法应用在生活。

第 1 册收录 20 篇以「布施为主体的短篇故事。这是一套适合所有年龄层读者的故事选集,本套书亦提供中英词汇表,双语读者能更好理解每则故事的精髓。

期许《星云说喻 中英对照版》能带领读者探索故事中无穷的慈悲、智慧与布施精神,照亮生命的道路。

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