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A Look at Modern Social Issues

Buddhism and Our Changing Society 1



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This volume gives a partial record of an extraordinary series of lectures given by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in different places around the world. These symposia have been a way for him to give a full explanation of his insights regarding many of the social issues of our time.

The topics that are covered in these teachings range from the ethical concerns in biological sciences such as euthanasia to personal challenges associated with suicide and depression. Family management in contemporary life has been addressed, especially in regard to dealing with problems of aging and hospice care. We have entered into a new era of cloning, virtual reality, internet commerce, and global life. In A Look at Modern Social Issues, Master calmly addresses these potentially troubling issues. 

As with all his teaching, Master Hsing Yun holds to his principle that Buddhism speaks to the human condition. This means for him that Buddhist values inform believers about all aspects of their lives. Even the mundane tasks or the decisions that have to be made in day-to-day relationships are dealt with thorough interpretation and understanding of the Buddhist tradition. Personal development and ability to handle emotional states are equally involved in Humanistic Buddhism. 

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