Gift In Wills

Gift in Wills

It is important to leave a Will to ensure that your estate will go to your loved ones and the causes you care about most. Leaving a charitable donation (bequest) in your Will ensures that the legacy you leave behind aligns with your values. Without a Will, your estate might go on to fund things that don’t align with your values. Choosing to leave a bequest in your Will is a personal decision. We understand that family and loved ones come first, so if you are considering leaving us a gift in your Will, we are extremely grateful. By including HYEF in your Will, you will be helping us to ensure the sustainable development of education inspired by Humanistic Buddhist values.

Types of Gifts in Wills



(the remainder of your estate, percentage or specified amount after all debts have been paid and gifts have been distributed)



(your entire estate, or a share or percentage of your estate)


Specific Asset

(items of value, including property)



(a specified amount of cash)

Suggested Will Wording

I bequeath [the whole/a percentage/something specific/residue] of my estate to Hsing Yun Education Foundation Limited acting as trustee of the Hsing Yun Public Fund of 180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley NSW 2506 for purposes that it shall determine, and this bequest will be free from all duties. The receipt of this bequest by any authorised officer of Hsing Yun Education Foundation Limited acting as trustee of the Hsing Yun Public Fund shall form valid discharge to my executor.

We recommend you take this to your solicitor as it is important that your individual circumstances are carefully considered and your intent is correctly reflected in your will.

We are here to support you in making a decision that is right for you and your family. If you would like to discuss this decision with us, please contact our General Manager, Venerable Juefang, at ju*****@hs********.au, or call Nan Tien Temple on 4272 0600.

If you decide to leave a gift to us in your Will, we would like to personally thank you. Please let us know that you have included us in your Will by emailing us. We are extremely grateful for your contribution.

“The wisest of us leaves education as his legacy.”

– Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Venerable Master Hsing Yun has been an advocate for education his entire life. By not having the privilege of receiving a formal education himself, he understands the power that education has in contributing to the quality of a person’s life.

Hsing Yun Education Foundation endeavours to support Venerable Master’s vision to enable the sustainable development of education. We believe that people, communities, and society in Australia can benefit from Humanistic Buddhist wisdom and values for a happier, wiser, ethical, and harmonious Australia. Our mission is to advance Humanistic Buddhism, education, community and social welfare, and culture.

If you share our vision, please consider leaving a gift in your Will. We hope that in doing this, your gift can hold more meaning to you.

Your gift will help us fund our work contributing to the arts and a greater education for all!