Community Engagement

Nan Tien Art Gallery

The Nan Tien Art Gallery is a learning hub for the campus that currently hosts educational themed exhibitions of local and international artworks. It provides a significant home to artefacts, artworks, and international exhibitions, and compliments the cultural diversity of the local community by including selected works from local artists.

The Art Gallery collects, preserves, displays, and interprets contemporary and historical works of art; contributes to the appreciation of intercultural heritage on a local, national, and international level; and supports NTI as a leading teaching institution.

HYEF provides financial support for the NTI Art Gallery to assist with its operation, including the running of workshops, exhibitions, and competitions. The Art Gallery is an asset to the Nan Tien Institute, as it works towards enhancing multiculturalism in the culturally diverse Illawarra region.



Celebration Art Exhibition

As we move on from the difficult time of pandemic, more than 30 artists come together to share their creativity in expressing CELEBRATION in this exhibition belonging to the community of Illawarra.


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