Vision & Mission & Values

Our world currently faces many challenges, from climate change, to major health crises like the Covid-19 Pandemic, these challenges highlight the urgency for communities to come together, despite their differences, for the common good.

Australia is home to a myriad of ethnicities, cultures, and religions. As a result of this, we believe that Australia could lead the way in showing how diverse communities come together for this common good. It is for this very reason that Venerable Master Hsing Yun aimed to establish a connection to Humanistic Buddhism here, where an exchange of cultures, education and art would be welcomed and celebrated. We all reach our greatest potential when we are exposed to education, creative expression, diversity, and equity. HYEF believes that by progressing education and the arts, we can prime the canvas for a future where we are well equipped to face these global challenges.

Our Vision

People, communities, and society in Australia can benefit from Humanistic Buddhist wisdom and values for a happier, wiser, ethical, and harmonious Australia.

Our Mission

We strive to advance education, community and social welfare, and culture. In addition, we hope to share the wisdom of Humanistic Buddhist values and ethics.



We support and facilitate teaching, learning, and research informed by Humanistic Buddhist wisdom and values. We do this by providing financial support to institutions and organisations, and scholarships to students.


Community and Social Welfare

We contribute to the integration of cross-cultural knowledge and ethical understanding, to promote education and wellbeing within the wider community.



We facilitate the exchange of culture and arts between Australia’s diverse communities, cultures, and religions.


Humanistic Buddhism

We equip people with an understanding of the knowledge, culture, and ethics of Humanistic Buddhism.

Our Values


to everyone as we are all equal. We promote kindness and inspire people


for our actions. We endeavour to be legally compliant and ethically driven. We are accountable to all our stakeholders.


in using our resources efficiently to maximise benefits to society.  


to making a difference in society.


for the opportunity to serve our beneficiaries, supporters, donors and, at large, Australia.


of all cultures, ethnicities, races, genders, and religions. We live in a diverse society and are respectful and appreciative of each other.